Wearing A Mask

Since the sad and untimely suicides of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and Robin Williams, I have been thinking about what causes people to feel so sad that they are willing to take their own lives. I know that I personally have good days or moments and then bad or not as good. I know that I also cover some of those bad moments with jokes or bury or hide how bad I am feeling. I know friends of mine that do that as well. But that is how we handle the normal highs and lows of life. We ignore, hide, cover with laughter, or lighten any heaviness we may feel. Does it escalate in to depression? Maybe, I don’t really know. Should we hide these moments from our friends, families, or clients? I’m guessing NO!

But how do you handle being authentic without being depressing or maudlin? You can run away for a while, take a trip, stay home, go for a solitary walk, or some other form of exercise or meditation. Doing these types of things typically release the good endorphins needed to elevate your mood naturally! The brain and the body are definitely complex with so many different things that can impact them. How you eat and what you drink can negatively or positively affect how you feel and how you look. Start a little trial and error test by eliminating specific foods or drinks from your diet and then mind fully notice how you feel without them. Add back those that have no positive impact and continue the elimination process. Sugars, processed foods, and alcohol may be some of the foods you want to start with. Then maybe inflammatory foods can be looked at such as eliminating gluten and/or dairy from your diet. Just something to consider!

There can also be inherited traits that lead you to depression. But, if you are aware of that pre-deposition, you can take steps to turn that around and save yourself from falling so deep in to unhappiness that you may consider taking your own life. Movement of any\t kind is my drug of choice, as I feel better physically and mentally when I’m moving, which included resting, stretching, relaxing, and meditation in between movement. Take a look inward and see what you can do to find your best self and feel “Santosha” your contentment.




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